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Sunday, December 12, 2010

I mentioned last week that Andy's grandaddy had been sick. He passed away this past Wednesday morning. Grandaddy was 94 and aside from the last couple of months that he had started getting sick, he had been healthy and going strong. Even when he started getting sick, he still got the energy to hit a few golf balls in his room with Andy. We miss him already, but it's such a refreshing feeling to know he is with the Lord. I got the privilege of spending a little time with him earlier this week and just the little we got to talk, I felt so confidant in the Lord's plan for Grandaddy. While we will mourn his loss, I know he is in Heaven with his wife, hitting golf balls, and getting loved on by the Lord. Isn't that what we all long for at the heart of this life? Love from our Father, our provider, our sustainer, our friend.

(The picture above is Grandaddy at the beach Labor Day 09. Sun bathing and fishing with the rest of us at the age of 93.)

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Lauren Sands said...

I am very sorry for your loss! You are all in our prayers during this hard time!