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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today was perfect. We took a little road trip this morning to scout out a new sectional for the den, but had no luck. I think we'll have to do some more research. Couches are a hard thing to buy. They need to be comfy, but not so comfy that they look comfy. I know you know what I mean.
I'm really loving the blog Young House Love. They are such a creative couple and they show some awesome ways to decorate on a budget. I am constantly telling Mr. Broome- "Look we need to do this to our house!"
After running a few more errands we headed home with nothing to do. Our weekends are usually so filled with stuff we have to do or places we have to be. After playing with the Betsy and the cats and doing a little laundry, we ended up in Mr. Broome's favorite place...
His "man room." I'm not supposed to be allowed, but he made an exception for today. His man room is in his man barn behind our house. Lots of manly stuff going on in there.
Yep. Those are boat chairs. They have made their home in Mr. Broome's man room until the next fishing trip.Here I am reading an Eating Light magazine while Mr. Broome strings his fishing rod.
Bethenny Frankel's Naturally Thin can be summed up in this magazine. Lots of good recipes and general health advice.
"Another picture? Really?"
One last picture before we headed to dinner- happy weekend all.


Pedigo said...

If you are reading and he is stinging his fishing rods, who is taking the pics?

KBroome said...

The Broome's have papparazzi to you know.