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Sunday, February 13, 2011

This weekend called for a pre- valentine sweet. I have fallen in serious like with the blog Oh She Glows and made it my goal to make at least two things from her site this weekend. Today I attempted home made donut holes and a Green Monster smoothie. Both turned out so darn good.
Some Side notes-
Mr. Broome and I waited an hour to eat dinner at Olive Garden last night. We were both in the mood for pasta and bread sticks, and after waiting forever we decided to sit at the bar. Both of us had fettuccine. We haven't had many "just us" dinners out in a long while, so last night was such a treat. I had so much fun with you Mr. Broome:) Did I mention he sent flowers to my work Friday? He said they were a "thank you" for taking care of him while he was sick. I have one sweet husband.

Back to those recipes.

This is called a Green Monster. It's a smoothie made from: 2 cups of spinach, one banana, a cup of milk, and optional flax seed. It was unexpectedly yummy and an easy way to get some greens. Mr. Broome however would not try it. Recipe Here.

The next recipe was for home made vegan donuts or donut holes. I used regular skim milk and egg so mine weren't vegan. They were delicious- Mr. Broome liked them too.

Recipe Here

I hope you all had a good weekend, hope your sweetie was sweet to you and if you don't have one.. I hope you made yourself something sweet.

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