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Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 4th Weekend

This last trip was a quick one. We went for the 4th of July weekend. One day of fishing, one day of beach. For the first time on the boat I began the trip queasy and never recovered. I never actually got sick, but the whole time I felt on the verge of it. So while I wasn't all into the fishing action, I did enjoy the scenery. We were on the boat headed out of the bay at 4:30. Early to rise, early to capture the sun coming up. It was beautiful, truly a treat to see the sun come up on the water. Heading in for the day, a family of dolphin swam with us- so neat, they literally swam for a good twenty minutes with the boat.

A mama and baby:) I can't believe my rinky dinky digital camera took decent pictures of the dolphin so well.
I pulled myself together for a photo op.
Mr. Broome turns 30 on Sunday. 30! Wow. I met you when you were 25.
I love you so much, so proud of you in all that you do.

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ahibs said...

Love the dolphin pics! That's so cool!!