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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I met Caroline in fourth grade while rehearsing for a play at the Springer Opera House in Columbus, GA. We were both in the kids choir.  The next year I changed schools and became her classmate. We've been friends ever since. We've cheered together, beached together, escaped from our parents together, obsessed about straight hair together, Young Life'd together, and the list goes on. We celebrated her b-day this past weekend with a surprise dinner that her sweetheart planned. We shared cheese plates and Sangria at the Iberian Pig. Me and Mr. Broome had the best time. I love getting to spend time with Caroline and I think Mr. Broome has developed himself a man friend crush on Mac.
It is so funny to think of how our lives have changed since our last year in High School. I love my Caroline and am so thankful for our friendship.

I really should start carrying my camera- cell phone pics just don't quite measure up.

     A few weeks ago I met my mom at the beach for a mini vacation. I had the best time. I rarely get to go off and escape the real world with my mom. We did just those things that I like to do when vacationing. We went for long morning walks, spent hours upon hours sunning on the beach, and had a couple nights of shopping and dinner out. We caught up on our favorite Real Housewives and headed to bed early each night with a good read. My mom goes and goes without stopping most of the year and I am so happy to have enjoyed some time relaxing with her.

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