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Thursday, August 25, 2011

I told myself before summer began that I would pick a few books to read. I love to read, but I rarely make time to do so. I ended up reading Redeeming Love for the second time, and it was better than the first time. I skimmed through Marathon, by Hal Higdon, the running genius. Lastly, I am through reading Hunger Games and have moved on to the second book in the trilogy, Catching Fire. Trilogy sounds kind of nerdy. Trilogy sounds like someone amped up for comicon or dragoncon. If you haven't heard of the Hunger Games you should just pick up a copy, or download it to your kindle. It's seriously hard to put down.
On a totally different note from nerdy, lets call this.. raunchy. Andy and I attended our first Brittney Spears concert. Andy and Brittney Spears do not even belong in the same sentence together, but it happened. We went along with friends, Ben and Holly. It was a fun time, but our boys stuck out like sore thumbs. I can't say I like Brittney Spears, but I do remember watching her on TRL in High School... or was it Middle School? Er. I'm getting old..I think I liked her better then.
Me and Mr. Broome before
Not really sure if we are B. Spears apropriate.
Too bad this happened a month ago. I'm really behind.

Do you know what a great Pandora station is? Foster the People. So good.

You all haven't seen Betsy in a while. She's just as lazy and over weight as ever. She's kind of on a diet. My neice Abigail LOVES Betsy, but as you can tell above, Betsy doesn't like being loved on so much.
Summer is almost over! One more trip to the beach and then it's time to get geared up for fall:)

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Unknown said...

What an adorable couple! And oh heavens, your guy braving a Britney concert? He must lovvvvve you :) Looks like a hoot! <3 (PS-Want to win a pair of shoes? Enter at