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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Betsy ran a little over three miles with me yesterday. We're working on her diet and fitness. We have to have the Betser around for many years to come.
I was hurrying out the door this evening to meet Mr. Broome for dinner. He was just getting home from his second week in New Jersey. This amazing rainbow stopped me in my tracks. I had to grab my camera. I wish it was as pretty in the picture as it was standing in my front yard.
There were actually two rainbows, but you can't see them that well in my pictures.
Wow, I really love a good rainbow.....
The weather was crazy today. Off and on rain, a giant Lucky Charms rainbow, and then more rain that you could barely see to drive through. At the end of the evening though, you could see the storms moving out.
Did I mention that I love Fall? Can you imagine the leaves dying in such vibrant color? Makes me think of the Lord's love.

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