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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall is Here

Oh man. Fall is in full force. Never mind the rain the last few days.. we needed it right?
I love the road leading to our home.
We have a new critter at our house. I think our home is a catch all for needy animals. I'm not sure this is a good thing. I certainly don't want to be called the cat lady.. this new guy has no name yet, but he sure is cute.
Betsy might disagree.
Can't tell you how many times we took this picture. The cats and Betsy we're not getting the whole "family in front of the fall scene" picture. Not sure that I don't look constipated either.

Mr. Broome started feeling nasty after we took pictures. I think he caught something from the Jersey Shore.. He spent all of last week in New Jersey for work. Betsy and I we're sad, but we made the best of it with girl dinners and snuggling.
Pinterest is addicting. I've found so many recipes that I'm so anxious to try. The above is a super easy sticky buns recipe. They were definitely sticky, but yummy too.
Mmm.. the finished product!
The 1st Mr. and Mrs. Broome posed in front of the fall decor too. This fall scene is pretty freakin serious. Andy has spotlights shining on it in the evenings. Because who doesn't LOVE fall???

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