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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We spent Thanksgiving at the beach with Mr. Broome's family. It was the best time. The weather was perfect. Highlights from the trip: perfect running weather- I got a 7miler in on Thanksgiving morning(woo hoo, pass that homemade macaroni over, please and thank you!), deep sea fishing on Swept Away(minus the nausea), catching the first and biggest Red Snapper the day I went out, not too early morning black Friday shopping, $20 Judith March dress sale, getting to know my Aunt Linda, taking pictures, beach sunsets, and of course... snuggling Mr. Broome.
(Me, the first Mrs. Broome, and my sis-in-law:)
I told Mr. Broome that my most favorite part of the trip was getting in bed early every night. Two nights in a row we were in bed by nine. It's so nice to get in bed all snuggly when you don't have to be anywhere the next day.
Mr. Broome, the once was mountain main- seen here as the fisher man. He is so handsome and manly in his boat. His smell though.... after a day of fishing, there is nothing nice about that smell.
Oh sunset.
Love a good sunset just like a good rainbow.
I have more pictures to post later, but this was all I had time for.
It is officially Christmas time! Do you know what that means?
My table is already set with Christmas china.

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