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Saturday, December 31, 2011

We had a great weekend celebrating the New Year in Helen, GA.
I feel so certain that 2012 is going to be a great year.
New Year's Eve I ventured off on a run and snapped some pics of the scenery. My running buddy was supposed to come along with us, but she ended up at the AU game instead!

To ring in the New Year, we had dinner at Paul's, a restaurant in downtown Helen. We attempted to enjoy our dancing shoes, but it was incredibly crowded. We ended up chatting on the porch of the restaurant just until the clock struck twelve. Then we headed home and went to bed.
A plus for the evening: Paul's handed out hats and "Happy New Year" head bands along with noise makers. Pretty much made my evening.
New Year's Day we did not eat black eyed peas and collards. We did not do laundry either(that's a superstition from childhood).We did taste apple cider and build a big fire. I even gathered a healthy collection of miniature pine cones to use in a 2012 Christmas project. 
Things that I love about Mr. Broome:
 He told me to pick out a glass bottle coke on a trip to Betty's grocery store. You know why? Because coke in a glass bottle is just more special than a regular coke and he knows this.
It's the little things.
He had a terrible cold/sinus-throat infection going on, but he tried so hard to be fun this weekend. Even sick, my Mr. Broome is fun.
He doesn't look so fun in the above picture, but I assure you he was.
Can you tell these are all phone pics? I have a ton more on my camera that I will be sure to post later.
Here's to 2012!

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