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Friday, January 20, 2012

I've been practicing my cake skills. Meaning baking and decorating. I fully intend on baking the cake for my best pregnant friend's shower and I need all of the practice I can get until then. Let me assure you, it will not be Betty Crocker. Because the cake above of course isn't Betty Crocker..                                                                                
I was on my way home from the gym the other night and saw this sky as I was coming down our road. I think the sky looks better from my house. Have I said that before?
I grabbed my camera in a hurry to catch the sun going down.
I thought after Christmas I would have time to rest and catch up and get my head and home a little more organized, but I have been going non stop. I guess this is what makes life fun though.
I saw a quote the other day on where else but Pinterest and it pretty much sums up how I am feeling.
via pinterest
Happy Weekend:)

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