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Monday, January 23, 2012

(Mr. Broome's dirty boots atop freshly stacked firewood.)
We had a nice relaxing weekend at the lake with friends. Mr. Broome and Ben found a tree down Saturday and spent the better part of Saturday afternoon splitting it. One steak dinner and a round of card games later and we we're beat. It was a nice weekend. 
Sunday was supposed to be clean up and organize before I go crazy day.
Instead, we added to the chaos that is our house and went sectional hunting. We wanted to be picky with our decision because we have not been happy with our den furniture. We have a large den half brick walls and the other half windows. It is a great space, but needs a sofa with the perfect mix of style, function, and coziness(of course!)
After a rainy Sunday in Atlanta, I think we have found the one. I will have to post pics once it arrives.

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