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Friday, February 10, 2012

Yesterday was a doosey.
I went home to check on Betsy at lunch to make sure she wasn't on the new sectional, which she was. Betsy the princess lap dog trapped in a giants body thinks she can lay anywhere she wants but she has another thing coming to her.
Anyway, back to that
On my way back to the office, this dude pulled out in front of me.
Seriously, my first car accident that didn't qualify as a "fender bender" and wasn't my fault.
I repeat.
This wasn't my fault.
Thank the Lord for that and my safety of course. It all happened in slow motion and I really thought as it was happening that the guy in the other car might be seriously hurt, but he wasn't. Thank you Lord, he was ok!
I felt bad for the kid I hit. He was young, worked at Wendy's and went to West GA. He reminded me of me, in college in the sense that I didn't obey traffic laws consciously and I didn't have a fabulous car and often times I wondered if my parents we're going to kill me.
Can you believe the difference in damage? Seriously unbelievable. My car got the better end of that deal. Dear Chevrolet,
Thank you for this sturdy hoss of a car.
It wasn't my fault(because let's face it, it usually is)

I really am thankful to be ok and even more thankful that Mr. It was his fault is ok. As a side note, I find myself often asking the Lord to increase my faith in all situations and yesterday He proved Himself to do so. He is good all the time. My prayer coming away from it is that the other guy would know this too.

Two weekends ago we had the pleasure of going to the Blue Jean Ball with friends Ben and Elizabeth and Blake and Kirsten. It was a ball, literally. Mr. Broome pulled out cowboy boots I never knew he owned. They had made their home at his parents house and he went to get them for the occasion.
Don't send them back Mr. Broome.. I really like you looking like a cowboy.
Happy weekend to everyone.
I signed up to run a half marathon tomorrow without having done any training runs! At 28 degrees in the morning, I am not looking forward to it!

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