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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

(Snugglepants and me at my birthday dinner)
Mr. Broome called me today and said we needed to renew our termite policy as a precaution to the continual termite protection of our home. I don't know a thing about termites, but I argued with Mr. Broome that this probably wasn't necessary. Mr. Broome's explanation was that sometimes KIRBEY there are things I know about and things you don't.
Don't get your longjohns in a wad, SNUGGLEPANTS.
Do you know what I know? If  I want to wear my blue button down even though you already have yours on all nice and crisp and ironed... I am still going to wear mine too. I have no problem looking like twinkies.
That's what I know.
After almost 4 years of marriage, there are just some things you know and some
things I know, Mr. Broome.

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