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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Two Week Catch Up via my cell phone

Get a good look at all of the food on that table. Mr. Broome left this array of snack food for me on my birthday morning. His card said "Here are a few things that make me think of you."
Hot fries and whoppers make him think of me. Oh, and beef jerky.
I loved it all Mr. Broome,
Your little tubbo
Brittney had her baby! I got to see the whole thing. It was quite the experience. I wish I had a word to sum it all up, but I don't. I would just say that it was almost like watching a miracle. Of course, not what I would think a miracle would look like, but a miracle nonetheless!
Sweet Emmalee Dallas
I think they will be calling her Emmalee, but that may still be up for debate.
She is like a living doll. The chunkiest part of her is those cheeks which she is not opposed to her Aunt K kissing on. I love her already. Mama Britt is pretty awesome too. I have more admiration for Brittney after seeing her push this baby out without an epidural. Brittney you are She- Mama(like She woman) and I love you!
I have not been studying. I mean, it was Spring Break this week right? The craziest I got was screaming "push Brittney! push!" at nearly midnight last Tuesday. That waaaas pretty wild.
Oh hey, it's me at The Hunger Games. Remember that time I read a trilogy? Believe it or not, I only got hit by that door twice trying to take this photo. It was meant for Mr. Broome. He went to the Gulf, I went to the Hunger Games.
Since Andy was gone for the weekend, I caught up on some QT with my mom. We made smoothies, walked the dogs, and watched movies. It was a good weekend.
Mr. Broome is home now with fresh fish and an appetite for ice cream which rarely happens. We got our happy hinies(hiney's?) in the car tonight and drove to the Marathon for butter crunch and dutch chocolate. The only downfall is Mr. Broome's gas, but who's business is that anyways?
Have a good week yall!

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