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Sunday, April 1, 2012

I don't think this weekend could have been any better. I always say that.
In one packed day Mr. Broome and I got an insane amount of yard work done and I got to see my besties at a house warming. When I say insane, I mean hard labor. I got up Sunday morning with a back ache and I couldn't think of what it could be from. Then it hit me, raking, limb picking, planting.. It will put a hurting on you. Mr. Broome says "That's how you burn calories Pea, I burn calories allll the time."

Going to Home Depot could be my favorite past time with Mr. Broome. As I've said before, it's the little things. It could be the red neck things too. For instance, Mr. Broome has a camouflage truck he uses to tote limbs and yard debris off in. I may or may not have had a country good time riding on the tailgate Saturday, alone, humming Dixieland Delight. Ok, ok, not humming, but couldn't you just picture it??
Saturday evening I went to a house warming for my favorites, the Foley's. Jaime and Jess just moved to Alpharetta and their home is lovely to say the least. Their home is filled with windows which is perfect because when I think of Jaime I think about her sun-shiny free spirit. They also have ample room for her Grandma's piano, which Jaime played a little Coldplay on just for me.
(Jaime and a few of her brides maids at the house warming:)
Do you know what else made this weekend awesome? Learning to love my green thumb. That's right. I didn't know I had one, but after a full day of yard work, I looked down and there it was. Bam, take a walk with me, In-a-ma Garten. Hold on real quick while I whip up a quiche with your name on it. If you don't know who Ina Garten is then you probably aren't half the green thumb I am, OK?
Kidding of course.
Have a good week friends!

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