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Thursday, April 26, 2012

 Lately.... I've been enlisting help on projects..
Do you like that William and Kate book sitting on the dresser? I gave that book to my Grandma for Christmas and she read it and handed it back to me. I was all "But Grandma, this is yours to keep! To cherish William and Kate foreverrrr." Which got her talking about when William was a little boy, you know Prince William? He and Gamma Ruth go way back. Way back to the days of stockings stuffed with Princess Diana picture books. No matter how obsessed people are with all of that Royal Bologna(i.e. Jaime Foley), I just don't care. However, I do think Kate is ridiculously pretty. 
A few weeks ago, my mom and I spent a day at Callaway riding bikes. If you have a family, this is totally a family kind of thing to do. I think we looked like nut heads pedaling around on beach cruisers. My mom got herself cracked up on our ride. I asked her what was so freaking funny and she said "You just look like an idiot on that bike! You look like a grown up on a junior bike!" I informed her my sentiments were the same. It was a fun little day trip though, the last time I had been there with my mom was when my Grandma Ginnie was alive. We rode bikes then too.

Mr. Broome had t's made for the boat. They're called "Swept Away." I wonder where that came from??
Did you notice my hair cut? I had 4 inches chopped off. It's darker too. Can't be blond forever now can I?

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