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Friday, April 6, 2012

That time Betsy was Emo

Oh, mom. I really appreciate these pretty flowers you planted.
I sniff them every morning and think such nice thoughts about you.
As I stare off in the distance, I can't help but wonder how I could love you guys so much.
(The truth of it. Sassy mutt thinks she's too cool for pictures.)
I bet you can't guess how many times I placed Betsy's hand on that pot.
Haha hand. Betsy's hand. I mean paw.
A pizza story.
Yes friends, it has been a while, but I have a story for you.
Tonight we ordered pizza for dinner. As we waited for it to be delivered, we sat on the back porch talking and forcing Betsy to pose with flowers. A typical Friday night. Usually we will put Betsy inside when we are anticipating a stranger coming to the house, but tonight we forgot.
Not long after we had placed the order Betsy jumped up and ran to the driveway all the while barking and growling.
Cue the pizza guy.
We completely forgot about him. As I came around to the car port door the poor pizza delivery boy was NOT running to his car, NOT screaming "Oh hey, it's me, Mr. Pizza Man! I think your dog might eat me!?" No, he was not doing any of those things. Do you know what he was doing?

He was hiding inside of our house.
Mr. Pizza delivery man had actually sought refuge in our den from Betsy. He had the door shut all but around his head. It was like he had an inner battle going on of getting caught in our den without knocking or saving his life from Betsy.
As many pictures as I took tonight, I should have asked the pizza guy to pose in our door, just his head poking out to remember the moment, but that would be weird.
Weirder than posing Betsy's paw on my flower pot.

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The Mrs. said...

The pizza story made me laugh out loud. That is awesome. :)