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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I've been boycotting my blog.
I used to know how to work it, i.e. fidget with the html codes to have it my way, but so much has changed and I can't do a thing. I need some professional help, but most people have a waiting list till forever away. I want my blog how I want it now!
So I told my blog, you'll have to take a back seat little bud while I do other important stuff.
Oh yes, see. No Pictures. I boycotted my camera too because what's the use of my camera if I can't be excited to post pictures here.
I'm going to work on this.

This is all I have as of recent. Me and the Mr. Broome before heading to the Alston wedding.
I wish I had pictures of the bride, she was nothing short of a princess.

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