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Monday, August 27, 2012


You  could take all three of our once- stray cats from my house today and you wouldn't see me shed a tear. Which is mean because for some reason, this stray dog that came to my house on Thursday has left a little impression on my heart.
I walked outside Thursday to take the trash when I heard Betsy growling and saw her hair standing on end. I looked around for the culprit, startled myself. What did Betsy see that I didn't?

I found her, just her eyes.
She had the biggest eyes that read Hope. Hopeful that I wouldn't scream and shoo her away. Hopeful, that maybe after days of wondering, she had found some peace.
I got her some food and water and cautiously got closer to her, soon rubbing her head.
For a few days though, neighbors had been calling the pound on two stray pits that had been seen roaming the neighborhood.
Skin and bone dogs, wild dogs.
 Her mate had been picked up already and believed to be on his deathbed.
Now here I found myself with the other.
Not wild at all, but searching me up and down to see if there was any love for her.

Indeed, there was.
I named her Hope.
After a lot of dog food, a good bath, medicine for her scrapes, scabs, and dry skin, a few raw hides, and a lot of loving, she seemed like a happy dog.
I didn't realize that most pounds have a zero tolerance for pits, so I was anxious to find a home for her. Trust me, I wanted to keep her. I still wish we could, but we are in the process of selling our home and I don't know where we will be in a month. I felt that if we had kept her we would have to have a fenced in yard as her breed has been given the reputation as mean. I didn't know if she could be a trusted neighborhood dog like Betsy. I know it's all in how she was treated before us, how she was made to be, but it just didn't make sense for us at the very moment.
I tried so hard to say it did.
So through the world of Facebook and countless kind hearts, a friend of mine connected me to his friend who's friend owned a shelter. Wowzas, so many connections just to find her a home.
I took her to Douglasville yesterday to meet the kind man who would be holding her for the day until the rescue shelter could get her. I asked him to tell them her name and to keep me informed about her progress.

Hope is at Jennifer's Pet Rescue in Dallas, GA. Their website says they do not take Pits, but they made an exception for her. They will keep her for 6 months to get her back to health and then they will put her up for adoption.
I've already been told that she's doing well, and still carrying around the last bone I gave her.

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