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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One more update on Hope

For those of you who were interested in the lost pup who I posted about on Facebook, here is an update from the rescue shelter who has her. I am posting this because although it makes me sad that Hope is in pain, it make me happy to know how amazing and kind people are. Hope is in good hands.
(The shelter re-named her Sade)
"Hello All- Just wanted to send out an update on our newest rescue, Sade (pronounced "Sha-day" after the female vocal artist).

 We picked up Sade Sunday evening around 8pm. We got home and put her to bed. She slept on a dog bed by our bed and was well behaved all night. The next morning we fed her some canned food with nutria-call and Pet Tabs vitamins. She had a great appetite, healthy looking gums and seemed fine but depressed or maybe she was just shy and reserved? We weren't sure.
Monday evening Sade started having a slow steady dribble of dark bloody discharge from her vulva. This is definitely a bad sign so we made an appointment to take her to our vet this morning when we woke up. I had been having my doubts about Sade's pregnancy...was she even pregnant? A false pregnancy perhaps? Or were there necrotic puppies in her womb? It seemed to me that for as much milk as she had, her abdomen should be larger and more "pregnant" looking. Instead it was slung low and distended and smaller. While she was underweight by approximately 15-20lbs, she was not malnourished enough to not be able to sustain a pregnancy.

We walk into the vet clinic at our 10:15 appt time in search of answers. We inform our vet that she has a great appetite, semi solid stool and her gums have good color. We explain the vaginal discharge and agree to do an ultrasound. We see 3 pups but no heartbeats. Then a vaginal exam is done to see if her cervix is open enough to begin labor if the vet was to give her drugs to start contractions. This would be easier on Sade than a
surgery. Unfortunately it was not. We leave the clinic as they rearrange
their appointments for the day and prepare for an emergency c-section.
Sade's temperature was 5 degrees below normal. I was surprised as typically when there is an infection the temp is elevated. But it was explained that after the body tries so hard for so long to fight the infection, it then becomes septic and the temp drops. It was critical that Sade have the life saving surgery immediately to ensure her survival. 

Sade was given IV fluids and other supportive therapies were administered to ensure she could survive the surgery with no complications. 

I have been given some meds to pick up at our local pharmacy and am dispatched to retrieve them so she can have them as soon as she wakes from her anesthesia. When I return with her medications, I am informed that they are closing her up. There were 5 puppies in her womb. 2 had decomposed to nothing but bones and must have died a week or so ago. 2 more were dead and beginning to rot. There was one live puppy still attached to her uterus, but he was underdeveloped and could not survive outside her septic womb.
The doctor informed us she had never seen a uterus so massive and filled with fluid...all from the decomposed puppies and placentas. 

Sade has come home and already seems to be in good spirits. She was offered a small portion of canned food but has declined to consume any as of yet. I am sure she is still too woosey and painful to worry about that just yet.
The pictures attached are when she was just brought back from the operating table. The Video (link below) is of her waking up from surgery. We will
post more pictures and updates soon. VIDEO:

Believe it or not, Sade's biggest hurdle has yet to come.....finding a responsible, committed and loving family to care for her for the rest of her life!

Please spread the word about Sade and let's see if we cant make her wish come true for a family of her own! 

Any donations towards her vet bill are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. To make a donation via Paypal please visit our website and go to the donations tab. This will help us to continue the life saving work we do for companions like Sade!

Jennifer Hale

 Adoption/Intake Coordinator

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