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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I had my first Pumpkin Spice coffee of the fall this morning. Sweet deliciousness I tell you.
I was telling Mr. Broome this very thing when he said "Oh yeah?
I had a vanilla latte at Starbucks this morning."
May wonders never cease.
He is just not a coffee man, nor can I imagine him having an easy time picking something off the menu at Starbucks. I asked him how he decided on that.
"I just told them I wanted vanilla coffee."
Well there you go.

Sometimes we make things in life more difficult than they have to be. I am like that, Andy is not. He's straight forward and practical 90%of the time.
Speaking of difficult.
I thought I was really rocking the chambray trend yesterday when in all reality you can call this shirt what it is. Blue jean. Nevertheless, I told Andy I was so envious of other gals style post that I needed to do my own. I'll spare you the other pictures because I'm not sure cows and fashion go together unless it's a cow print. Maybe the zebra belt ties it all in together??
See how difficult I can be?
I'll try this out again sometime, maybe with less cows and more skills behind the camera.
(Love you Mr. Broome!)
I had to share this giant of an elephant ear growing in our yard. It has been there forever, but never so big. I think cutting back the rose bush that grew beside it helped to give it room to grow.
Ok, one more. I had to add this one.
The cows, are all "Blue jean is so not chambray."
You are right cows, you are right.

Have a good weekend friends! Thanks for reading!

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whitney @ thecurtiscasa said...

ah! kirbs you are too cute!!! and i love love love the cows in the background.