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Monday, October 1, 2012

After a long, rainy day, Mr. Broome and I met each other on Mr. Johnson's back porch(thanks Ben!) to share a pizza while we waited on our house to be shown.
Selling your home can be a task when you have to spontaneously show it any time of the day and keep it clean too! I'm not consistently great at the last part.
While we waited... we attempted to get pictures of the cows ridiculously long tongues, but instead, Mr. Broome videoed.

I know its gross. Believe me though, my clothes we're a
mess after work and running around in the rain. What's a little cow spit before I throw it in the wash??
My favorite line in this clip "Hims wants a pizza?"
I'm not sure if that's the Carroll County or incessant baby talk we do with Betsy coming out, but it's pretty funny.

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