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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Enjoying October

 We haven't even put a real pumpkin out yet, but I'm soaking up these October days the best I can.
With amazing sunsets.

I've had too many Pumpkin Spice coffee's to last me till next October.

We missed the peak weekend for leaves on our trip to Blueridge, but it was perfect nonetheless.
Of course, what is October without a Halloween ready baby?

As quick as this month has flown by, I can't imagine how quickly my next two favorite months will go. Time flies so fast that I have to make a conscious effort to enjoy each moment. This season has brought a lot of change, more than I could imagine. This summer, it seemed that all of the plans I had went awry. I felt like at every turn God said "No." "Not this time." "You'll have to wait on that." I told Andy that it seemed like nothing at all wanted to go our way. I didn't lose sight, or hope though. I know in all things the Lord has a way... of working it out for my good. How quickly he proved that to be true. His time, not mine. I am so thankful, so thankful for this sweet life and all of my family and friends.

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