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Thursday, October 4, 2012

This week has been crazy. Mr. Broome had to go to South Carolina spur of the moment and I have been running around getting Betsy out of the house so it can be shown. I love our house and seeing other people love it makes me sad to leave! As much as we love it though, we would like to cut out some of Mr. Broome's commute to work so we have to make a move! That and we have found a home we really love.
So, totally unrelated.. we spent the weekend at Wedowee so Mr. Broome could test drive a new fishing boat. It is a lot roomier and has a cabin for those times when I think I'm going to throw up all over everyone. I took this picture above because I feel like lately I am becoming very familiar with the Wedowee Marina! Sheesh, a little too familiar Mr. Broome:)
That's my seat there to the left.
And last but not least. J.Crew had a little sale and I think I fell in shoe love. I bought them without thinking and then.. well, I thought about it. The heel is different and the whole look is something I wouldn't normally gravitate too, but I saw them on a model with skinny jeans and I knew they had to be mine.
(Can you say another attempt at a style post??)

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