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Friday, December 14, 2012

My desktop at home hasn't been set up yet therefore I can't upload my pictures! How about a phone dump for those of you who still read? Christmas is almost here and I am trying my darnedest to be prepared. Prepared in my heart and prepared under my tree!
This holiday season is so busy. If I had it my way I would begin EVERY morning with some coffee and time reading, thinking, and being thankful for these days leading up to the 25th. Of course, most of my mornings don't begin that way, but I am tyring.
 If you need some encouragement or just some Christmas reading, I thoroughly enjoy this. Just start with day one of her December post. She also has a great advent devotional.
 Ann Voskamp and coffee, when paired together, are a magical thing.
Our tree is up and currently there are gifts under it wrapped and tied with big fancy bows!
I just don't have an updated picture to document it:)

Our home!
I should take more pictures of the inside, eventually!
We have Christmas wreaths on the windows with big maroon bows that match the exterior of the house.

This is my favorite view of our new home. It feels like a cottage in the woods.
Betsy especially enjoys the long driveway and more squirrels to chase.
I hope you all are having a cozy December!

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