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Thursday, February 7, 2013

gingers can be dads too

I told Mr. Broome he needed a picture for the occasion.

I have so much to say about this time in our life and the last couple of months. So true to the form of this blog, which I have drifted away from... I give you a story.

Morning sickness is a tricky little beast. You other preggos know it's all day sickness for some. It's not what you think either. You may not be throwing up, but waking up and going to bed having felt all day like you were going to throw up but never did can make you feel crazy. Crazy I tell you.
I have a super wonderful husband though and he has made each day easier.
Two weeks ago, I got a stomach virus on a Saturday. We had been at dinner in downtown Villa Rica having a super yummy meal at Gabes with Bryan and Jenny when out of nowhere I knew it was coming. Throw up, I could feel it in my throat. I sped home as soon as Mr. Broome took his last bite. I got home and crawled into bed crying(whoa is me, no one has ever been pregnant before!), telling Mr. Broome how awful I felt. As soon as I did, it hit me. Throw up in my mouth.
As Mr. Broome was holding my hair and rubbing my back, he kind of giggled and said
"Oh Pea, it's just pregnancy!"
Sometime, friends, gingers just don't know when to keep their mouths shut.
When I later threw up in the kitchen floor that night and then again in the bath tub, I woke him up to tell him, no sweet heart, I don't think its pregnancy.
At two am that then Sunday morning, he drove to Wal Greens to get all of the sick person essentials a girl could need.

Mr. Broome, as if I didn't have a million ways to document how awesome you are for this little babe, this is the most recent one that I love.

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