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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I have an announcement

Wow, it has been so long!
Do I have any readers still?
I have avoided blogging lately because I am a terrible, terrible secret keeper.
Especially when the secret is so delicious that I want to tell everyone I meet throughout the day!
So long time no blog, but that is changing today!
I have good news..
The Lord has blessed me and Mr. Broome with a baby!
We are so very excited and have been not so patiently waiting to announce. We have had two very good doctor appointments and got the ok last week to tell everyone.
Of course, I couldn't announce without a picture of my growing gut belly, but had to wait until Mr. Broome was home from New Jersey to get some decent pictures.
If you think I look tired and worn out, you would be right!
The first month of pregnancy was very frustrating. While thankful and excited, I felt sick a lot. I can't count how many days I've been in tears telling Andy how scared I was I would be sick the whole nine months. I have had more naps in the last two months than I have since I was a kid, or maybe since college:) My saving grace was the gentle reminder that sickness most likely meant a healthy baby. Tell that to the girl who's best friend never felt sick.
My bump(if you can call it that yet) is more a combination of a month of no exercise combined with not so healthy dinners. Nausea is a tricky thing. The first month or so, so many things did not sound appetizing and the texture of vegetables were simply not happening.
Finally, a veil has lifted and I am starting to run again and cook vegetables!

Mr. Broome and I have been very prayerful in the last year for a healthy pregnancy to come and we feel so fortunate to say that we have one. I hope you all will say some prayers for a healthy baby too!

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Unknown said...

I have been waiting on this announcement! Congratulations to you and Mr. Broome. I can't wait to see all the pregnancy and baby posts.