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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last night I got to celebrate Jessica's engagement in Atlanta with some of my long time friends and sorority sisters. I never tire of seeing these girls. It's so fun to get together with them all and talk about how are lives are changing. Three of us are pregnant!
Jessica is going to be the most beautiful bride! She has the best style and I know her wedding and bridal fashion are going to be amazing. I love you Jess! You deserve all of the happiness in the world. Seriously, you have the best heart and have been a one of kind friend. I love, love, love you!
(Trying to show off her ring, but the flash is so bright. Her ring is perfection!)
I am 16 weeks pregnant! I can't even believe it.
Fitting into clothes right now is kind of an art. I am having to make some adjustments to a few of my work pants while there are still some that actually fit. I have been taught the rubber band trick and Brittney gave me her belly band. I call these things my pants expanders.
I have so many thoughts on pregnancy and I read so many maternity blogs, but I forget to take the time and post my own.

So I give you some pregnancy updates and thoughts:

1. People ask me daily if I have any cravings. Yes and no. I crave the same thing I always have. Spicy food. I have been this way since I was little. It's no different now, but maybe a little accelerated. I need salsa on my eggs for breakfast and cayenne in my pasta or sprinkled on my veggies at dinner time. It's ridiculous, for real.

2. Sleep is awkward. I get up a minimum of twice a night. I am a non stop tinkler. Sometimes though, I wake up because I'm just uncomfortable. Or Mr. Broome is snoring. Again. No matter how hard I push to role him over, he doesn't budge... and he's still snoring. I could write a really good essay about this. Sorry Andy.

3.  I am still wearing all of my regular clothes, but I am so excited for maternity clothes. I have bought a few things from ASOS and Gap that I adore. My mom told me the other day it's important for a pregnant person to feel pretty. She was helping me make the decision about whether or not to buy some maternity clothes I was telling her about. I appreciate this advice. At a time when my body is expanding and changing, feeling pretty takes more effort, but it's still important to feel confidant in my body image when I walk out the door in the morning.

4. I feel like I gain weight in my cheeks first.

5. Andy asks every day when he gets home from work for me to let him see my belly. He laughs every time I show him. He thinks it's the funniest thing. I think I should start doing the same to him when he gets home.

In general I feel good and am excited. I'll update next time with pictures!

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