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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Week 16

(Week 16 in my Gap maternity pants that do not have matching plates:)
I am 17 weeks on Monday. I can't believe how fast it goes, but I can't imagine my tum getting any bigger! My pants are getting tighter and tighter and I am feeling more self- conscious in my clothes. I will be glad when the bump is more definable. Right now I feel like I look like I enjoyed too many Vogelsburg donuts for breakfast.
Friday, after fighting a nasty cold for two days we headed to Newnan to find out what we were having. I was a little discouraged that I wasn't feeling better for our exciting evening. Once there and getting to see baby Broome, my frame of mind changed immediately.
We took my mom and Andy's mom and dad with us. They got to see the 3D ultrasound and we all got to guess whether it was a girl or a boy. Andy called it first. He saw the two white lines and said "It's a girl!" before any of us. I couldn't believe it. I would have been happy either way, but I had had my heart set on a little girl.
Oh hey, it's just the Broome's.. soon to be parents.

And a few more pregnancy thoughts for you:

Headache? Backache? Cold? Tylenol. That's it. Hope it works for you.

Who knew I would get to wear floral skinnies during pregnancy? Thanks to the Gap, I have some, but no, I have no matching dinner ware to these blue pants.

Indigestion. Another perk along with the expanding waste line.

Oh yeah, I forgot. I turned 28 this week! I started getting sick on my birthday and the excitement of baby girl Broome had me distracted. I just remembered I am another year older! Wow. I just can't believe how old that is. It's so old!
Mr. Broome seriously surprised me with a running stroller I've only been stalking since before I even knew I was pregnant. I am so excited. I know I will get so much use of out the BOB!
Good idea Mr. Broome, you are always so sweet to me.

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