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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week 19

Here we are at 19 weeks. One week and we're half way there! Hard to believe. Hard to believe I could grow anymore. I promise you this, pregnancy is a lesson in humility. I am finding myself praying often to be comfortable in my own skin. It's a weird thing to watch your body change over the weeks. Don't think I am complaining though. I'm not at all.  I am so excited and in awe of God's work in my tummy.
Andy got home from Oregon this past Friday and we met as he was pulling in the driveway and I was coming home from walking Betsy. He was so tickled to find me looking slightly different from when he last left me. My running clothes are definitely tighter.

The weather is finally turning warmer and it has made this last week so much more enjoyable for exercise. I had been sick a week or so ago on my birthday and had given myself a little too much rest time. I planned to get back in gear this last week with running. A week or two makes a difference in the pregnancy world! The incessant need to tinkle, well, it never goes away. Ever. It can make things pretty uncomfortable but I'm finding the longer I make myself run, the more I get used to it. For now, I am mixing it up though, walking Betsy every other day.  
Andy is painting the nursery as I type and listening to Mumford and Sons Pandora station. It's quiet days like this that I know I will miss once our girl is here, but I am thinking she's going to fit right into our routine. We are so excited for Miss Baby Broome.
Oh yeah, and we have a first name, but are working on a middle name. I can't wait to tell once we have it all together, but picking out a name for a little person we don't know yet is tricky!
Lastly, of all my "catch up's".. I am pretty certain I have felt the baby move. It wasn't flutters like everyone says, but more like someone thumped me. I've only felt it a few times, but it was pretty neat. Soon those thumps will turn to kicks!

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Cara Linn said...

Love that tiny baby bump. You look great!