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Monday, May 6, 2013

Here we are, right at 24 weeks!
I am officially carrying around a little over a 1 pound baby.
Guess what? I can feel it!

-Back and under rib pain is pretty consistent every day, but I am learning to deal.
-Baby kicks! She kicks! Andy has seen and felt her kick a few times now. Sometimes I grab him when I can tell she's moving around and we will both stare at my belly and wait.

 -Pregnancy craving lately: milk and cereal. Sometimes, I will start thinking about milk and cereal when the first alarm of the morning goes off. By the time, I finally get up, I am seriously needing some crunchy nut cheerios.

-Andy isn't surprised now when I tell him we're having cereal for dinner.

-All of my past few doctor appointments have gone well and I am on track for my due date.

-I am still exercising but a lot less running. I am walking like a crazy lady though. My mom and I are weekly walking 7-8 miles every other day. My bladder can't handle running, but it can definitely handle walking. We love the Greenbelt, it has become our favorite part of our walks.
We celebrated 5 years of marriage last Friday.
Andy is super sweet as always and planned the best anniversary day. He had 5 surprises for me(for 5 years) leading up to dinner at our favorite restaurant in Atlanta, Oceanaire. We have celebrated many times at this place, and it was so nice to go back.
I love you Andy! You are one in a million as it comes to husbands. Thank you for always making me feel pretty and making our anniversary so special.

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