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Friday, June 7, 2013

28 Weeks

(28 weeks)
Eeek! The third trimester has begun!
I fully intended to keep a better record of this pregnancy, but I have so little time.
I can't keep up with baby kicks as there are so many. I keep trying to get them recorded with my phone, but I've only gotten one good one on video. I think she knows when we are watching and stops moving. That or my "Andy, look she's moving!" scares her into not moving. 
I'm the mama though and I get to see and feel it daily which is good enough for me.

The nursery is coming along and as soon as it is put together I will post the pictures. It is turning out to be closer to the inspiration photo I originally chose than I thought it would be. I have ordered a handful of things that I love and I think she will love to have in her room even year down the road.

I would tell you her name, but I only know part of it. We are still deciding on the other. I know people will be happy when we decide as we get asked every day! I really need us to decide too so that she can have her little pink things monogrammed.On that note, Andy, we need to decide on the name:) For now though, we are calling her Drew. She is Baby Drew Broome until we decide on a middle or first name. We are debating on calling her Drew, but that being her middle name.

Shopping for maternity clothes is kind of a pain. I am short and so many cute things are made for taller girls. I am making a lot of non- maternity stuff work. I got the dress above in a size small at Target- non- maternity! #goodthingforstretchcotton
However, if you ask Andy, most womens clothes today are made to work for maternity too. He's never been a fan of the empire waist. #boomrbroome #trybeingawomanforachange #thesewaistlinesneedbreathingroom

We leave for the beach soon and I am so excited for a little break from the real world before Drew gets here. I am even more excited to put her nursery together when I get home and for baby showers!

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