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Friday, June 21, 2013

31 Weeks

 31 weeks and we are so close! 9 weeks left!
I am experiencing all of the "pregnancy" things they say you will. I swear my baby app. reads my mind.
I will be wondering if something is normal and then my baby app. will ding on my phone and it will address my concern. Technology these days, geez!
Braxton Hicks.
Food aversions.
Round ligament pain.
All totally normal!
My cravings are pretty much chocolate covered pretzels and pop sickles. My boss told me my baby is going to come out and I'm going to have to name it pop sickle.
The nursery is coming along quickly! I am still waiting on a few pieces to be delivered and once they are I will post some final pictures of the nursery.
I was able to record some really good kicks on my IPhone, but I have no idea how to get them on the blog. Not that anyone wants to see, but they are so darn neat!
My last few doctor appointments have gone great. I am right on track for my due date and thank Heavens I am not gaining too much weight! I was worried not being able to run would throw my body off. I miss running so much! I never realized how important it was for my mental mindset. Drew is going to have to learn to love going running with her mama.
I'll be back soon with another update and some pictures from my first shower!

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Unknown said...

You get her to love running the way we did with you...push her in that buggy until Weeboks will fit, then take her running with you on a regular schedule!