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Monday, August 5, 2013

Drew's Nursery

 Drew's nursery has been a slow process, but alas, it has come together!
 From there, I designed my crib bedding, here
I ordered extra fabric from Carousel Designs and had my sweet, talented friend Kristina make my curtains.

 From the beginning, I wanted a Jenny Lind crib and after a lot of searching and pricing, I picked a simple cherry finish. It wasn't my first choice, as my first choice was a teal or pink crib. I am so glad I didn't do that:) Pinterest and design blogs really tugged on my mind though and had me convinced  I needed a pink crib for a while there. I used an old dresser that I re- finished a year or so ago for clothes and a few simple decorations and books.

Drew may or may not have red hair. I am really betting on red and this print of a girl with a big red bun spoke to me. I love it and Drew can put it in her room when she's a big girl. Her bookends are her Aunt Jenny's cow girl boots from when she was little. She also has a wishing tree that my sweet friends wrote hilarious notes on at my shower. 
 Drew's name banner hangs above her closet. Her aunt Britt and Sissy made it for her. I adore it! This side of the room really needed some color.
I got Drew's "D" pillow from Pottery Barn and her bunny from the Classy Cricket. Her pink and grey crocheted blanket were a gift from my friend Lauren who made it herself. I love, love it!
 Pinterest was a great help in organizing all of my ideas for her nursery. For the most part, I stuck to the ideas on my pinboard. Overall, I am so happy with the nursery. I think it will be a fun, cozy room for Drew to grow into. Not to mention, we love it. Yep, Andy loves it too. He said so. Even with all of the pink.
Now all I need is a sweet Baby Drew to bring home to her new room!!


Jaime Foley said...

Yay for baby Drew!! Can't wait to meet her!

whitney @ thecurtiscasa said...

Aww, Kirbey it looks great! Such a cozy room to bring baby Drew home to! Congratulations to you two. xo :)