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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

39 Weeks

39 weeks.
I really have no words. I mean.. I don't know why, but I thought Drew would be here by now. Nope. She's all cozy and snug in my belly with no signs of coming out. I am 1 cm dilated and hoping still for her to come on her own. I am seriously scared of the whole inducing process. I like the idea of the process being as natural as possible. 
Of course my plans aren't the Lord's. I am trying to remember this:)
We had maternity pictures taken a few weeks ago and I loved how they turned out.
Jessica Wright-Moore of WrightMoore Photography took them. She did a wonderful job and gave me just what I asked for from scenery to lighting.

I think I was 36 weeks in these pictures.
I had bought a dress specifically for these. When I was trying it on(minutes before we were supposed to have the pictures taken), Andy inserted his opinion. He said no, no, no. He said the dress made me look a lot bigger than I was and to wear the one that is in the pictures. I have had this dress since our honeymoon, which was 5 years ago! Of course, I'm convinced a maxi dress can flatter most pregnant bumps. So I took my opinionated husband's advice and wore it. Good decision Mr. Broome:)

If you are like your mama, you will be late. You will have a good excuse though. It will begin with "But!" Your daddy will tell you to "Come on! You've checked your hair in the mirror ten times!" If your like your daddy you will be ready way ahead of time, waiting patiently to get going, but then possibly getting distracted by something in the yard or looking at turkey and then, well, he's the one who's making us late. So really Drew, we don't expect you to be on time and that's ok.

If you are like your mama, you are probably so darn snuggly and warm that all you want is for your daddy to bring you something to drink so you don't have to get off the couch. He will smile at you and mock you a little, but then sit down and snuggle close by too. Secretly, your daddy loves good snuggle time. He can have all of the plans in the world, but if you beg him enough... he's going to be right there by you, making the laziest Saturday...absolutely snuggly. Or snoogly as we often call it.

We are anxiously waiting for you and are finally feeling prepared for you to be here! Whenever you are ready, we are!
Your Mama

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Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog since early on, I had a baby too around the same time, August 14th. I have been checking periodically to see if you updated your blog yet with the news of your baby. I know how busy you are but I would love to see the little lady you blogged about. Hope all is going well!