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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

An Introduction to Drew

Dear Drew,
Oh my goodness. You are here. I am writing this almost three months since your birth. You take up every bit of my days and evenings and the time to write about you has been lost on me! Rest assured though, you will be my favorite thing to write about. Your daddy just got knocked down to second favorite thing to write about. Sorry Papa Broome.
One day I will write all about the day you entered this world, (August 23rd- the most wonderful day in the world!) but today I just want to introduce you to this little blog space.
 Drew Bear is your nickname and was from day one when we brought your tiny 6lb 15oz, 21 in long, read headed, darling self home. When we brought you home on August 25th, I was scared of you. I am serious when I say that. I didn't know what to do with you. You were so small and fragile and I was truly worried to even change your clothes without hurting your teeny little arms and legs. No worries though my girl, my favorite thing to do now is change you. This is two part though.. Of course I like to dress you up because you are My little girl. Also though, you love to get undressed and to be naked! You are a squirmy, smiling little bear when we have to change your diaper or get you dressed.
You are a noisy little thing. We brought you home from the hospital and you cried. You cried for days, even weeks. One day I will write about all of the reasons why you cried when you were first born, like being hungry and having milk allergies, but that is for later. Now though, my girl, you cry because you are strong willed. You want your way right this minute. Get the bottle in your mouth before you lose your voice from screaming so loud. I have a feeling this is something me and your dad will be saying heavy prayers for in raising you. Some say this is what I get for having a red head. I say I will take you any way. You are perfect even in your temper and crying. Your tears give me tears and your cry startles my most assured self, leaving me feeling more vulnerable than I ever knew I could be. Yet I wonder how my world existed before I heard your piercing cry.
I could look at you all the days long. You are the most beautiful little girl in the world. I know I'm not the first mother to ever say that, but oh my gosh, it is true. There was never a prettier girl than you.  My prayer will always be though that your heart is what makes you shine. That your love for others is what makes you beautiful inside and out. With the Lord as your Guide and your Rock, you can't go wrong. I promise you that, though some days you may doubt and fear, He will always lead you in the most loving way. Always remember my Drewbear, "We love because He first loved us." 1John4:19 Make it your mission sweet girl, to love everyone, and I promise your heart will be forever transforming in the best of ways.
Your dad is becoming your favorite. He comes home from work and no matter what I say he rubs his grizzly beard on your face and smothers you in kisses. Lucky girl you are. Your dad has a soft spot for one little red head in his life and you are it. Your dad is one hard working guy. He works late hours and has to travel a lot, and oh how he misses you when he is away. He says, "you won't believe how different Drew looks after being gone!" He has big plans for you too. Plans to dress you up in camo and put you in a deer stand. He has dreams of putting you on a deep sea fishing boat one day too, and oh my Drew, that may be the happiest day of his life when it comes. You see, your dad is a fisherman at heart. He's not a safety guy or a hunter, those are just facades. He is truly a fisherman and one day he will tell you some stories about reeling in the biggest of fish. Fish that are bigger than you are or may ever be!
We love you oh so much. We didn't even know it was possible.
Welcome to the blog Drew! I promise to tell as many of your stories in this little web space as I can. I promise to tell embarrassing poop stories too. Of course, it is only because I Love You!


Window Shopping said...

I love this!!! She is so stinkin' cute! Going to look just like her Daddy I'm afraid :) Love you guys!!

shakeela said...

I absolutely love this post!! When she is old to fully understand, it will melt her heart!! You are a fantastic mommy blogger!! =)