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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Pictures

We TRIED to take Christmas pictures of Drew today. She wasn't having it. After keeping quiet through this morning's church service and wanting to come home and nap.. she was not happy to change outfits and put on another bow. So of course, there is no bow on her head in these pictures.
When I put a bow on your head and you pitch a fit about it, it makes your daddy mad. He gets all flustered and says "Ohh, take it off her head! She doesn't like it! I'm sorry Drew. Your mama is just trying to make you mad." I am not Drew. I just want you to look like the little girl you are. You won't remember the aggravating bows anyway.

This is the best we got. I think you're pretty stinking adorable, but without a bow on that pretty little head, we can't send this out on a Christmas card. I admit, I'm picky. That and the sun is in your eyes. We tried. We will try again.
Not having it!

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