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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fall Catch Up

Fall 2013 was so good to us and it's a shame I never blogged about it.
Drew needs to know how much fun we had the first few months of her life. So in an attempt to help her reminisce(years from now!) and for your enjoyment of course, I give you a succession of catch up post.
Dear Drew, 
In October of 2013, your daddy and I took two trips away without you. I was in a wedding for your Aunt Savvy one weekend and the other, your dad and I took a mountain trip with your Aunt Jenny and Uncle Bryan. Let me tell you, leaving you for Savvy's wedding was my first time away and I had a ball chatting with other mommy friends and sipping one(or two) glasses of wine. I did not, however, enjoy missing you, and true to Kirbey form, I worried the whole time. 
Your Aunt Savvy was a beautiful bride. You will hear me talk about her often enough, but we love her so much and treasure what a beauty she is inside and out. One day, Drew, you will have a friend like Savvy who you trade clothes with and share all of your ups and downs. She will be a good listener and won't fuss at you when she finds you're the one who's been holding onto her favorite shirt that she's been looking for.
I enjoyed making new friends at Savvy's wedding weekend. Colleen, a new mom too, and Jessica(Birdie) is my new favorite. It's important to make new friends, Drew. I remember from Girl Scouts the old tune "make new friends but keep the old. one is silver, the other is gold." The tune rings true my sentiments for new friends. The Lord puts people in your life to teach you more about yourself and to show you how much room you have in your heart to love others. Love lots of people, Drew. 
(#ilovebirdie #whatshouldihashtagthis #birdieontheblog)
I sent this to your dad.
He was like, "Oh yea! Lookin good!"
Mommy is friends with Pocahontas hair. Why can't we all have hair this great?
 Goodness, it was fun to catch up with LC. This was mommy's first friend in college. First roomie, first friend in the sorority. We love her too and we hope one day she will live closer so you can have some play dates with her little girl, Olivia.
 I had the best time getting out of my pajamas and getting dressed up for such a fun wedding.
 I love these girls!

Proof that in my second month of motherhood, I totally let my stresses go, and for a night, albeit brief, didn't act like a mommy. 
I take that back.
Moms can be silly too, right?
Sometimes in the hustle and chaos of this new life, I catch myself in the mirror and wonder if I genuinely smiled at all in a day.(Of course, I always smile at you! It's hard not to.) I need to slow down and breathe. Remember that this time flies by and I CAN thoroughly enjoy each moment, whether the house is clean, the laundry is done, I'm running late(again), or not.
I hope you enjoyed this Drew. By the time you can read and appreciate this I will have more wrinkles.
Your Mama

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