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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Giving Up on Catching Up and Easter

I officially give up on playing catch up. Maybe I'll get to it one day, but I have avoided the blog lately because I was overwhelmed with the idea of playing catch up. I would rather start now keeping up to date. So here we go.
Drew had her first Easter today at three days shy of eight months. We enjoyed a great service at our church and a relaxing day with family.

 We went to get Drew from her crib this morning to find her wiggling and smiling. We immediately put her on her rug with her basket. She seemed to enjoy looking through her goodies and chewing on everything she got:)
Just waking up! Sweet baby has sleepy eyes.
I made her basket and hope its a tradition I can continue. I enjoyed making it just how I wanted it.
Drew got some big girl jammies and a bedtime bunny.

This sweet baby in a smocked gown is just the sweetest.

We always begin church service with Drew in tow. She sits in my lap and when she starts to wiggle I pass her to her daddy. Sometimes she can make it through the whole time without any serious interruptions but sometimes she doesn't. When she began saying "dada" and babbling today, we took her to the nursery. She is just precious. She is such a happy girl all of the time now. I feel like I've been given the world with this happy baby. It's amazing how time can change things. Just a few short months ago I was crying and worn out with a colicky babe.
Drew is wiggling non stop. Diaper changes take forever! I have utilized the word "no" a handful of times now. Usually when she's about to wiggle off her changing table. "No" doesn't mean much to her right now. She stops what she's doing, grins really big, then goes back to trying to nose dive off her table.
This is pretty much us all of the time. I swear some weekends we could say all we did was stare at Drew. That being said, we really need to get some yard work done. Next weekend, potting flowers and then stare at Drew:)

 Drew has one handsome daddy.
He and Drew matched perfectly. I however changed dresses too many times to count and still didn't quite match them.
Good thing Easter isn't about matching.
Drew has a wonderful set of grandparents.
 She is loved on endlessly.

Non stop squirming all of the time.
And constantly getting smushed on.

My family, I am so thankful.
I know Drew had a fun, gift filled Easter, but it's our prayer that she know this day is so much more. Motherhood has shown me a stronger yet even weaker side of myself than I ever knew existed. I can be my very best some days and juggle it all then some days I can get so discouraged and grumpy, I reflect and wonder how I could be so negative and ugly to people I love. This day was about the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for me, and my ugliness. I pray Drew understands this gift of forgiveness too.
We love you Drew. You are our sunshine every day!

And a throwback....
This was taken a week or so after Easter last year. If only we knew the joy this booger would bring.

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