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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Counting my Blessings

 Looking at Drew's 9 month pictures as she's almost 11 months now makes my heart a little sad. How did she grow up in so little time? The first few months of Drew's life, I felt like I was constantly wondering when she would tackle the next mile stone. When would she laugh? Roll over? Speak a word? Crawl? When, when, when??? I think some of my rush was sparked by anxiety over her colic. I figured the bigger she got and the more she learned, the less she would cry. 
I was watching videos from her first two months the other night and I missed that teeny little girl. I actually wondered to myself, was the crying that bad?
I can't get that time back with Drew. I can't wish I had lingered in the tears knowing they would get better. I can only enjoy these moments going forward.
I am a worrier by trade. It's a terrible thing. I am working against it daily. I find myself in the best moments thinking about how the next thing will go. Or I find myself looking back and debating how I could have done something differently. I hate it. I want to be a person that relishes in the sweetness of life here and now not tomorrow and yesterday.
I have a teeny person looking up to me every day and that makes me want to be the best example of living in the moment. I want her to be a happy girl in all of her circumstances, in the most boring or exciting of days. I want her to know that the Lord holds tomorrow and it's no business for her to dwell on. (Matthew 6:34)
In an effort to live in the moment, I have made a point to make mental notes of the things that make me feel like this life of mine is so freaking special. Daily, I pick of few things in my mind and I fight of any worry with it. I think this is what the Lord would have me do. Count my blessings and keep counting because they literally never end.
 When I pick Drew up in the afternoons, she grins so big and crawls to me like she can't get there fast enough. Some days she lays her head on my chest and then looks up at me like she's acknowledging who I am. It's kind of magical.
 I was running without the stroller one day and significantly minimized my time on a 5k. I felt like I had sprinted the entire time. It felt so good and invigorating. It made me feel like I wasn't just a messy and cluttered mom all the time, but a mom who could push herself and still had the zeal and strength to do big things.
Mr. Broome took a new job a few months back with less travel and he's closer to home. He's home for most dinners! Getting to sit and eat with him and Drew while we talk about our her day is the best.
One morning I was holding Drew and calling Betsy while trying to hurry out the door for work. Drew piped in, "seee!" "seee!" "Seee" is Drew language for Betsy. For a brief moment in time, Drew and I were on the same page.
Every quiet moment where I get to connect with Mr. Broome recharges me. Long day at work followed by fussy evening with Drew can be cured by some quiet time with him.
Whenever Drew learns something new like walking with her walker or pointing to parts of your face to show shes knows where the eyes and nose are. She is so smart and I am daily reminded to be grateful for this healthy baby girl.
We have spent more time with our families since Drew has been born. It has never been more evident how very loved we are. We have the best families who look out for us and Drew even more. 
I am just so thankful and wanted to write it down. It feels good to focus on all my blessings.

(All pictures taken by this talented and amazing mom: Jessica Wright Moore)

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