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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Typical Thursday

 Tonight, we had field peas for dinner. Drew wasn't interested. Dinner time is hit or miss these days.
 I told her if she ate her peas she could have a Halloween Oreo. How's that for an attitude change?
Really, Drew would be happy if she could just chug a bottle of milk every time she got hungry. Throw a cookie in and she would be good to go. How did my infant develop such an attitude about dinner?
 After field peas, we ride.
 "What do I look like, I can make this thing go myself?" "Give me a push, Ma."
Yep, those are peas on her face. I typically wait till the end of the day when Drew is at her messiest to take her picture. I've got to work on this.
 "Need another push!"
That's Thursday for you. I spared you the pictures of her pooping in the bath tub. You're welcome. And thank you Mr. Broome for cleaning it up!

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