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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


  Drew is walking.
She's talking too. Dada is still the first choice word.
Thanks Drew!
 She has been taking steps and walking from chair to chair here and there, but as of yesterday she is walking everywhere. And licking the cat.
 It's actually pretty great. I can put her down and let her walk when my arm needs a rest.
 Walking does not mean a new found focus though. Keeping her from walking off the porch or walking over the cat still makes mama's arms tired.

 I decided I couldn't keep the booger bare foot anymore. She hasn't previously enjoyed shoes when I tried to put them on her. In the past, shoes were a catalyst for a melt down!

 All of a sudden in the last day, she loves her shoes! 
Babies, they change every day.
 Her teacher said she walked around her class all day and kindly thanked me for putting shoes on her. She may be the last one in her class to wear shoes.

 What else can Drew wear to help her tackle new tricks?
Can we get her lipstick if she will scream for mama?!
Drew Doodles,
We love you all there is. You amaze us every day. You are the most fun little girl that ever was.
Your Mama

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