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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pink, Gold, and Old

 Last month we celebrated Brittney's 30th birthday. I can't take credit for the decor since Brittney's mom put it all together, but I did find the theme on Pinterest!
 Brittney's mom Sissy is the kind of lady that can put something together last minute and make it look fabulous. She made the decor for my batchelorette party and the banner and wreath for Drew's shower and nursery. So basically, this is a shout out post to Sissy.
 Brittney knew she was having a party but she pretended really poorly that she knew. I know you knew Brittney bear! Bumblebee! I was on to you.
 Back to Sissy. She also made the cake. Pink sprinkled in gold, love!
And I can't help but reminisce on these pictures and think of a 2nd birthday theme for Drew.
 Party babies! 30th birthdays are the kind you celebrate with friends and their kids. I've come to learn this. In other words, we are getting older.
 Smarty pants blowing out her candles. Because who doesn't have a cake on their 30th birthday?!
Pink, gold, and old!

 I will take credit for these.. I painted them!
Love you Britt! Loved celebrating you.

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