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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

It's been a couple of weeks since we took Drew to her first Pumpkin Patch at Ole Mcdermitt's Farm. She had a ball as the pictures show, and we had even more fun watching her.
 My biggest suggestion for this kind of trip is to take a wagon! It was hot that day and toting her around the entire time would have been tiring. The standard old red wagon was perfect.
 Take grandparents too. A one year old really needs a lot of hands to wrangle. I know you mothers of two or three are rolling your eyes, right?
 I have heard about Mcdermitt's from different people the last couple of years but never had a reason to go. Andy only ever let me pick my pumpkins out from good ole Ingles grocery store.
 You know what is awesome about being behind the camera??
 Everyone else gets to look like nuts.

Except her, duh.
 I love celebrating fall in every way possible. This fall has been the most eventful with Drew. I felt like we had to do everything they say you do in fall. Pumpkin patch, Halloween parties, dress up days, trick or treating. Drew, we have done it all.
 I We have watched Hocus Pocus more times than I can count. Your Aunt Jenny turns it on whenever she comes over, which is every weekend. She can quote every line and still gets excited at the "scary" parts. Your Aunt Jenny is also 37.
 Love ya Jen!
 Here you are on the standard "baby on a tractor" photo. Totally typical Drew. Truth be told, you love tractors. Your daddy thinks this means he needs one.
 Drew, you killed us trying to pick up the pumpkins. A week or so ago you were sick with croup and on steroids and simultaneously went through this lifting phase. You were picking up laundry baskets and trying to lift them over your head and getting mad when something was too heavy for you to lift. Your daddy joked it was the roids.
 Is October really almost over?? It's literally my very favorite month!
And in remembrance of what Fall once was..
A look back:
We are missing 2013...
because I was very busy learning to be a mama instead of blogging! Priorities!

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