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Friday, October 31, 2014

Tot Style

 Today's Fashion Friday is a nod to the colder weather. It is chilly outside! And can I just say that it's hard to change your wardrobe as the climate gets colder? I have been holding onto my tight-less skirts and dresses as long as possible.

 Drew was so busy running around for these snaps that she didn't notice the cold.

 This week was spirit week at Drew's school and she has dressed up every day. Today is Halloween and she will wear her piggie costume. That is if I can get her in it without losing an eye. She's not a fan of the costume.

 She asked is she could go as a nudist, but I told her absolutely not. 
She was all "maaaamaaaa!"

 We have a fun weekend ahead of trick or treating, bonfires, and smores.

 Not naked trick or treating though!
"but maaaamaaa!"
A photo shoot can only last so long...
vest:Target    shirt: Lolly Wolly Doodle   boots: Shoes that Squeak

Happy Halloween friends! Hope you all have a safe and fun holiday weekend.

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