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Friday, November 14, 2014

Fashion Friday- Mama Style

 Drew has been sick for two weeks now and I wasn't going to put her through a photo session. 
Also, I really liked this outfit.
 Obviously Drew should stick to modeling and I should stay behind the camera. Awkward posing while avoiding a wild running baby to get a snap was near impossible! I kept telling Drew, "find mama a pretty leaf!" "Find mama another pretty leaf!" "Ooh, pretty, now find another!!"
 Are colored tights still in? I don't care if they are or not. I'm digging them and plan to wear them all winter. I've worn this outfit a total of three times since I put it together last weekend. 
Just so you know. Can't hold a good outfit down.
Andy and I are having a "grown up" weekend for the first time in forever and I am already missing my girl. I know this is normal, but it doesn't make it easier. I keep hearing that time as a couple is good for us though, so we're going with it. I'll probably wear this outfit again this weekend. Tired of seeing it yet, Mr. Broome?
 Andy probably wouldn't notice if I wore this five days in a row. He might notice if I made wierdo faces like the one above and below. I'm embracing the awkwardness right? If I make fun of myself first, it's not as big a deal when someone else does??
 Sweater and dress: Entourage   tights:Target      booties: J.Crew
(proof of the wild baby!)
I hope you people have a snuggly weekend in this crazy, cold weather. I have dug out my favorite sweaters from winter's past and plan to wear them by a fire all weekend!


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