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Monday, November 24, 2014

Fashion Friday on a Monday

 Since I took last week off and this week is busy with Thanksgiving, I thought I would post a late/early Fashion Friday! This is by far my most favorite yet.
 Right before Drew was born, I fell in love with the children's clothing line, Kate and Libby. I love their tailored pieces, dainty fabric choices, and the ability to mix and match colors, fabrics, and styles. This is by far my favorite outfit in Drew's closet.
 It's OK to obsess over what Drew wears since I can't seem to consistently style myself out of the same old black running leggings and t's! Make it stop!
So, true story, Drew is still sick. Is that even real? We had a three day break from all of the gross stomach bug symptoms, and all of a sudden they came back. I took Drew to the Dr. Friday and stayed home with her in hopes of getting her well and keeping her away from other sick kids.
So my absence in the last week is a mixture of being too tired to think after a two week stretch of sick baby and also too tired to think after a long weekend trip to the mountains. 
 We had the best time in Blue Ridge with my brother and sister in law and friends. We ate a lot of good food, shopped, ran some hills, and rested. I was up by 8:00 every morning. Of course. The one opportunity I get to sleep and I physically can't. I did make myself go running in the freezing cold. I think I am challenging myself now once a month where as I used to at least once a week. Now the challenge is seeing how fast I can change Drew's crib sheets after an accident in the middle of the night when I'm half asleep. Priorities. Motherhood. It'll do it to ya.
 I'm not complaining though. How could I? Really. She's like this little ball of poopy perfection. And let's go ahead and make this the third or fourth post detailing Drew's bowel issues.

Dress and Shirt: Kate and Libby   Tights: Target
   Boots: Minnetonka     Headband: Lemons and Lace

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