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Friday, November 7, 2014

Plaid Happy

 Some days I don't know if I should dress Drew like the baby she is or more like a version of myself. Lately I have opted for the latter. I just love her in jeans and a fun top like what I would wear. You know J. Crew has something similar to this, right?
 Drew has been battling croup and now a stomach virus in the last couple of weeks. The night before last, we woke to her crying in her crib. I quickly realized that she had been sick at both ends. Everywhere. I remember times as a kid being sick in the middle of the night. It's a scary feeling. Now I realize it's not just scary for baby, but mama and daddy too.
 Drew was a champ through it. She took a 3:00 AM bath and daddy gave her a nice blow dry before going back to bed. He wasn't going to have her go to sleep with a cold head. She grinned and giggled and played in the bath tub like nothing was wrong. 
This is what we do now? Bathe before the sun comes up? OK!
 We are going on day two of this bug. I gave Drew an opportunity to roam the house naked Thursday night to let her bottom air out. Just minutes after I set her free, she walked right into the den, squatted for a building block, and pooped on the floor. She continued on to the next block like "no biggie here!" Sigh.
This is motherhood.
 The last two days have been tiring. No matter what happens and no matter what you think you know, motherhood is worrisome. When I found Drew in her crib covered in all that mess I wanted to cry myself. I hated knowing she felt bad and that I couldn't prevent it. I know there will be many more times just like this. As I was rocking her back to sleep later, I couldn't help but think to myself.. this is not the last time Drew gets a stomach bug. It's not the last time she cries or feels bad and I can't fix it.

 If she's like her daddy,(and I knock on wood as I type this!) she could have many a broken bone. If she's like her mama she will run into glass doors or fall head first out of cheer leading stunts.The options are endless as life is not foolproof.
 I know it's not my job to bullet proof this girl, but to love her through the falls.
 Just as I have been loved through mine.
 Here's to hoping she is on the mend! I don't know how much more diarrhea I can handle. I tried so hard not to use that word, but there you have it!
You guys know this is the ultimate fun for me? I have my own little person to dress up every day!
 Eventually though, when I have time to put myself together, I will get in front of the camera too. Or I'll put some other cute friend in front of it. I hope y'all enjoy!
Cardi: Target   Shirt: Belk   Shoes: Sweet Pea's   Hair Clip: Little Town Boutique

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