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Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday S'mores on a Monday

 I ignored my to- do list Sunday. You have to prioritize sometimes.
I mean that. I made it a priority to just be with Drew without an agenda in my head.
Today was a slice of Heaven. I feel like if Drew could form a sentence she would tell me how much she loved this day. She kind of did with hugs and snuggling, which was just as nice.
 I came really close to throwing Drew in the car to run a grocery errand and saw her wondering around the house in her cozy jammies and immediately changed my mind. It's rare that we get a day to do nothing but lounge around, so we did just that!
 Andy's mama had sent us home with homemade vegetable soup which was just right for the cold day. I figured we would need a sweet treat to enjoy after dinner so Drew and I made baked s'mores.
Drew helped as best her teeny hands could. She crushed the graham cracker and gave it a round in the food processor.
Not a fan of the food processor.
 This treat was ridiculously easy and took less than 5 ingredients.
Graham crackers, confectioners sugar, butter, Hershey's, and marshmallows.
 I tried to let Drew have an active part. She fussed while standing by me so I put her on the counter and let her hold different things while I put it together. She was seriously into baking, oohing and ahhing over each step.
(Yes she's on the counter, but mama watched her very closely!)
 I let her taste the crust before I put it in the oven and she proceeded to squeal "eeee! eeee!"
 Andy and my brother in law spent the late afternoon hunting. I knew they would come out of the woods hungry and looked forward to having a treat for them when they got out.
 This restful day was much needed. We had a fun weekend with friends and enjoyed watching Drew play with other kids. She trick or treated Friday night and played hard Saturday night, long past her bed time. I wish I could be a fly on the wall in Drew's classroom each day. She is turning into such a little girl. She thinks she is bigger than she is and often has to visit the "no no" chair because of it. In general though, she is sweet. She is strong willed, but tender-hearted too.
 Drew and Betsy waited by the back door for daddy and Uncle B to come home. Betsy got a little more loving than she would have liked.
When they finally arrived after dark, Drew shared a s'more and put Uncle B in the "no no" chair. 
We love Uncle B!
I hope you all had a great weekend!
Bake them and then fall into a sugar coma. They are that good.

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